The Women’s Global Leadership Initiative develops knowledgeable and skilled women leaders — women who defy limits to transform the future and ignite change. Imagine this: A world where women are empowered to demand equal pay for equal work, feel confident to negotiate promotions, gain the skills to start their own businesses and mentor other women to do the same. By 2020, WGLI is committed to educating, supporting and engaging 20,000 women worldwide with our leadership programs. Building equity and access for women starts with us!


We are women who defy limits, transform futures, and ignite change! The Women’s Global Leadership Initiative (WGLI) is a community of women on a relentless mission to awaken the leader within us.  We are fired up, inspired and ready to defy limits and transform the future. Together, we are educating and training women around the globe to become the successful leaders they were born to be. WGLI believes that by building an army of emerging women leaders around the globe, we can help shape future generations of women as leaders.


WGLI offers a variety of courses, specifically designed to educate, inspire and develop women leaders.  No matter the age, level of education or years of career experience, our programs are designed to build stronger women today so that they can become the great leaders and visionaries of tomorrow.

Our signature program is the CORE Leadership Program, an educational system with 28 training modules, proven to help women identify and develop their leadership abilities.  Key areas of study include: emotional intelligence, communication, conflict resolution, constructive feedback, negotiation skills, personal efficacy, team building and entrepreneurship.  All programs are designed by women, for women and are completely customizable by objective, audience, region and culture!

What is more, upon completion of the WGLI CORE Leadership Programs, on average, 75% of attendees make an active commitment to radically transform their careers and their lives!

WGLI also offers 90 minute to full-day Community Engagement Programs which are designed as forums for professional women to share their expertise and best practices  with women in their communities. They educate and encourage women to build leadership skills and get involved in peer groups that amplify women’s representation in their communities and worldwide.   


Every year, WGLI’s Leadership Programs help hundreds of women around the globe break through their personal limitations and make a commitment to investing in their future. Below are just a few examples of our member’s transformational stories!

“This program serves as the awaking we all need—to realize that we are capable of much more”  – Laura Ontiveros

“In going over my personal life story, I gained clarity about how to turn those experiences into something positive. By the end of the (WGLI workshop) weekend, I had an excitement I hadn’t felt in months, if not years. Each woman’s journey that weekend was different but I know all of us left empowered.”  -Adrianna Paine

“I went into the (WGLI) workshop not quite knowing what to expect. I found a group of positive, intelligent women from many backgrounds, each seeking leadership guidance in their personal and professional endeavors. It was exactly the jump start I needed to help identify my natural leadership abilities and Focus them toward a clear personal vision. WGLI is a safe and encouraging venue for women to discover both their vision and their voice.”  -Francesca

“I will recommend this workshop to all the women in my life. I believe it’s beneficial for women who have a lot of wisdom and experience to teach other women who are looking for guidance or clarity for their own future.” – Jenny Reeder


At WGLI, we seek to help women thrive! Are you looking to join a community of like-minded women who are ambassadors for change?  Do you want to improve your own leadership skills or those of the women you serve? We invite YOU to join us in our mission to build an army of women leaders around the world!

Our programs consist of a standardized, replicable system of education that includes delivery strategies and experiential learning that can be tailored to assure for cultural sensitivity. Our tools reflect a transformational approach to educate women on personal and professional competencies, leading to resilient leaders with direction and purpose.


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