Esther Molina, Trainer and WGLI Advisor

bio-Esther-MolinaEsther has served as the National Breeding and Puppy Program Manager at the national nonprofit Canine Companions for Independence for more than a decade. Prior to this role, she worked as a professional trainer and regional program manager for the organization. She is also a lead instructor in Canine Companions’ Resolution Training. Esther volunteers for numerous community organizations, including the Sonoma County Chamber and Young Professionals Network, California Hispanic Chamber and Hispanic Chamber of Young Professionals, and Sonoma County Latino Leaders.

Briah Gere, Trainer

briah-gereBriah is a talent recruiter, professional trainer, coach and organizational development consultant. She uses a whole-systems process when approaching change management, leadership coaching and development. Her work includes helping organizations analyze business needs, increase specific organizational competencies and facilitate team process and effectiveness. Her specialties are training, facilitation, change management, process improvement, team/group development, diversity and inclusion and large-group intervention. Briah earned her BA in psychology and MA in organization development from Sonoma State University.


Cate Griffiths, Trainer

bio-Cate-GriffithsCate is the Executive Director of RECOURSE Mediation in Santa Rosa, California. She has worked extensively in Sonoma County’s courts and communities, taught mediation and conflict management skills since 2005, and handled more than 500 disputes. As one of the two leading providers of restorative justice for youth in Sonoma County, RECOURSE Mediation Services knows what works when dealing with youthful offenders and why. The restorative justice practices used are firmly focused on repairing harm done to people and relationships, rather than imposing a punishment disconnected from the needs of those harmed. Cate received her MA in Conflict Resolution from Sonoma State University


Linda Lea, Trainer

Linda is the Education Director of a nonprofit organization that develops programs to empower young women in East Africa. She is a Coaches Training Institute Certified Professional Coach and a graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program. Linda has more than 20 years of teaching experience at the university level in both Colorado and California. In addition, she has taught leadership workshops to women in the US, UK and East Africa to facilitate learning new ways to manifest change. Linda has a PhD in curriculum and instruction from the University of Denver.

Jeannie LeMesurier, Trainer

jeannie-lemesurierJeannie is a clinical psychologist, life coach and motivational speaker, whose clients include schools, universities, medical and mental health centers, as well as military families. She trained as a life coach at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California. She is a graduate of Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainers Program, which focuses on the delivery of his Success Principles. Jeannie received her BA and MA from McGill University, her PhD from l’Université de Montréal and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Reiss-Davis Child Study Center in Los Angeles.


Katie Macks, Trainer

bio-Katie-MackKatie is a certified relationship coach with 25 years of experience and is the owner of Get Your Glow On, LLC. Her unique approach inspires new perspectives and hope in women who have lost touch with what really matters in the midst of juggling the roles and demands of contemporary life. By providing transformational coaching and training, Katie engages and empowers growth-oriented individuals to live authentic and accountable lives, making conscious choices that are aligned with their truth and heart. Katie is passionate about helping women transform, regain freedom of choice and experience trusting, meaningful relationships with themselves and others.


Inbal Sansani, Trainer

bio-Inbal-SansaniInbal is a lawyer, Conscious Living Coach, humanitarian, and  aid and development practitioner with experience in emergency and post-conflict settings. Inbal has worked on gender-based violence, rule of law, protection and access to justice programming in refugee camps on the Thailand-Burma border, in northeastern Chad, Kenya and Ethiopia, and with internally displaced populations in Iraq. She practiced law with Legal Services for New York City representing survivors of domestic violence in restraining order and child custody cases. Inbal graduated summa cum laude from Duke University, earned a master of philosophy in ethnic and racial studies from Trinity College, Dublin, and graduated cum laude with a JD from American University’s Washington College of Law.

Denise Blanc, Trainer

Denise BlancDenise Blanc has worked as a Senior Leader and has over two decades of experience in the field of Organizational Development as an Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Mediator. In her most recent endeavor she founded River Logic Partners and developed a highly effective leadership development program. Her key areas of focus include: Leadership Development, Communication Effectiveness, Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution. Denise has coached CEO’s, Executive Directors and Managers in healthcare and business, and partnered with St. Joseph Health System, Catholic Healthcare Partners, Medtronic, Stanford University, eBay, Isagenix International, San Mateo/Foster City School District, and International Institute for Education to build collaborative work environments and improve their leader’s communication skills. She holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Health Education from JFK University as well as a Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Sonoma SSU. She is also a Practioner of Mindfulness Meditation for the past 18 year and is a Mediator in Northern California.

Ivonne Meija, Trainer


Ivonne Mejia is an international consultant with several years of work experience. Throughout her career, Ivonne has served in different capacities including: Training Management, Organizational Development (OD) Consulting, Project Management, School Teaching, and Professional Coaching. She holds a master degree in Organization Development from Sonoma State University and is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a Certified Professional Coach. Ivonne is passionate about supporting individuals and groups to re-discover their inner power, achieve their fullest potential, and create the life that they want to live. Ivonne is fluent in English, Spanish, and French; she enjoys traveling and collaborating with people from different countries, and expanding her cross-cultural competence.

Sally Fleischmann Ember, Trainer

sally-emberSally has worked as a nonprofit director, educator, youth development leader, workshop and conference facilitator, writer, editor, playwright and director, and program developer for more than 30 years. She has created many grant-funded programs for youth and families in the areas of prevention and conflict resolution education. In her spare time, she serves on boards, volunteers in nonprofit organizational development and meditates. She is also the coauthor and editor of several books. Sally earned her MA and PhD in multicultural and teacher education from the University of Massachusetts.

Tara Bartosch, Trainer

bio-Tara-BartoschTara is a lead business development analyst. After completing her graduate work at Sonoma State University, she was a founder and board member of the Graduate Alumni Forum and served as the chair of the Continuous Education Committee. Tara has made it her mission to mentor and provide assistance to others entering the world of business. She has been a mentor for undergraduate business students at Sonoma State University and a panel participant at Dominican University for their undergraduate students. Tara enjoys volunteering as a mentor for a local organization that helps children. Tara completed her BA and MBA in business management at Sonoma State University.


 Joie Seldon, Trainer

bio-Joie-SeldonJoie is an executive and leadership coach, and an innovator in emotional intelligence. She helps women in business gain practical lifelong skills to manage stress, communicate powerfully and make decisions that support their goals and values. Joie draws from her diverse background as an actor and acting teacher, master improviser, therapeutic counselor, emotion educator and entrepreneur. She has been an entrepreneur since she opened a ballet school as a high school senior in Guam. Joie holds a MA in somatic counseling psychology John F Kennedy University and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.


Sylvia Doss, Trainer

bio-Sylvia-DossSylvia is a design and strategy consultant for a global employee benefits program. She is also a certified nutrition and fitness consultant and the founder of Open Circles (, which provides women in leadership with dynamic, flexible, and effective fitness and nutrition solutions. Sylvia brings 25 years of experience building healthcare and wellness strategies and is a committed mentor in professional career development. She is an adjunct faculty member at Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Sylvia received her BA from UCLA and her MBA from Loyola Marymount University.


Bobbie Denmon, Trainer

bio-Bobbie-DenmonBobbie is the Controller and Human Resources Manager for a manufacturing company in Healdsburg, California. She directs the corporate human resources strategy to include employee recruitment, retention, development, as well as overall organization development and design. Her background includes software engineering for several leading technology companies. Bobbie holds dual BAs in computer science from Mississippi Valley State University and business administration/accounting from Sonoma State University. She obtained her MS in computer science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and her MBA from Dominican University of California.


Stellie Kim, Trainer

bio-Stellie-KimStellie has educated and assisted diverse communities in wellness leadership for more than a decade. After years of working with clients suffering from debilitating illnesses, she became a professional consultant and educator in healthcare compliance and organizational wellness. She served as director of community mission for the American Cancer Society and as director of training and compliance for a healthcare consulting firm. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she founded the Novo Consortium for Sustainable Organizations and Positive Psychology. She is also the creator of, a social network dedicated to promoting positive communication. Stellie received her BA in comparative literature from the University of California, Berkeley and a MS in organizational leadership from Norwich Military University.


Fabiola Razo, Trainer

bio-Fabiola-RazoFabiola Razo, was born in Queretaro, Mexico and immigrated to the United States when she was just an infant. Spring 2016 Graduate of Sonoma State University, with a B.A in Women and Gender Studies During her time spent at Sonoma State, she has worked with various non-profits in Sonoma County including Girls Scouts of Sonoma County, YWCA, Community Action Partnership of Sonoma, and Child Parent Institute. She currently works at Child Parent Institute as a Child Advocate, where she works closely with low-income families in our community. When Fabiola is not working, she enjoys working out, dancing, and spending time with family.


Julie Lane Cooper, Trainer

bio-Julia-CooperJulia works as the Strategic Project Manager for La Tortilla Factory where her main goals are team building, facilitation, and executing the company’s strategic projects with partners across the organizations. She is an entrepreneur with several businesses, including being a Disney Vacation Planner, with more expansions coming soon. In her spare time, she serves on the SRJC Foundation Board of Directors and BCAT. She is a chair for the QA Subcommittee and serves on the Steering Committee for the Sonoma County BEST Food Industry Group.  In 2015, she was a recipient of the North Bay Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 award for young business professionals, and obtained her MBA from Sonoma State University.