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#MeToo needs allyship not black dresses

Authored by WGLI Staff Writer, Megan Imperial Amidst all the buzz surrounding the Golden Globes and the “Me Too” campaign, sexual harassment has been at the forefront of activism. In entertainment and Hollywood, many of the predators have finally been brought to justice evidenced by blacklisting. From Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey — these sexual [...]

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Women’s Global Leadership Initiative to Speak at Silicon Valley Women’s Empowerment Conference

The 2017 Women of Color Leadership Forum: Changing the Game is the premiere Bay Area gathering to inspire and ignite change San Francisco, CA – November 3, 2017 – Today, the Women’s Global Leadership Initiative (WGLI), an international nonprofit dedicated to training women to become successful leaders in their communities, workplace and associations announced that [...]

Bill Gates: A Role Model for Young Women To Complete College

By Roxanne Leone The year was 1985. I was only 13 and Microsoft was in its 10th year and it was just starting to sink in that this company could, possibly, change the world. It wasn't until I was much older that I took note of the founders philanthropic side and how Bill Gates proudly [...]

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Leadership Lessons from Mom

By Veatrice Carabine Whether you believe leaders are born or made, there is no denying that mothers play an important role in shaping our development. As children, we witness their response to adversity, to challenge, or to success, and we learn from these experiences. To pay tribute to mothers this Mother’s Day, the staff here [...]

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WGLI Global Board Advisor, featured speaker at Women’s Economic Forum in New Delhi (5/9/2017)

San Francisco, California, May 9, 2017 — This week, the WGLI announced a major presence at the Women’s Economic Forum, a global gathering and international movement of leadership and empowerment in New Delhi, India.  Dr. Pamela Sitienei, a member of the WGLI Global Advisory Board, will be one of the influential speakers at the event. [...]

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Closing the Wage Gap Through STEM Education

By Roxanne Leone Since today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, education has been on our minds here at WGLI. Especially STEM education, and especially for women in STEM. You may be surprised that the wage gap between men and women in STEM-related (science, technology, engineering and math) occupations is much smaller than in other occupations. [...]

The Controversial Story Behind Taking Our Kids to Work

By Michelle Heller It started in one small office in New York, grew to 3.5 million offices around the world, and even reached one little office called the White House. It’s “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work” Day, and it’s today. The international career day for kids began as simply Take Our Daughters to [...]

This Earth Day, We Honor Environmentalist Leader Rachel Carson

By Roxanne Leone You're probably one of the 1 billion people worldwide who celebrate Earth Day, which was first inaugurated by a group of American environmentalists on April 22, 1970. Twenty years later Earth Day went global, and today, it's the largest civic observance in the world! But even though Earth Day began in the [...]

Tax Day: Could It Be the New International Women’s Day?

By Michelle Spita Happy Tax Day, that time-honored tradition when most Americans are scrambling last minute to file their taxes. Americans usually use their tax refunds for lavish vacations and pricey, unnecessary purchases, and sure, one could make the argument that the spike of cash hitting the market is good for the economy. But here’s [...]

Happy No Housework Day

By Michelle Spita A few weeks back, a British man was publicly mortified when his two young children burst into his home office in the middle of a live on-camera interview with the BBC. It was a scenario many parents could relate to, and naturally the clip went viral. But it also sparked a larger [...]