Lilly Ledbetter: 2017 Women’s History Month Honoree

By Brooke Erickson March is Women’s History Month every year of course, but for everyone here at WGLI, this year’s Women’s History Month is unusually significant: the National Women’s History Project has named 2017 the year to honor “Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business,” and one trailblazer in particular, Lilly Ledbetter. Needless to say, trailblazers [...]

This International Women’s Day, #BeBoldForChange

By Michelle Heller You probably didn’t know that International Women’s Day dates back more than 100 years. But it does — this year’s International Women’s Day will mark more than a century of powerful, passionate women leaders rallying for everything from women’s suffrage to rural poverty. Leon Trotsky himself credited the 1917 Women’s Day march [...]

Marya Skotte: Profiles of Women Who Have Done the WGLI Leadership Workshop

By Sally Morton Marya grew up moving around a lot, spending most of her childhood in Russia and Hungry. She attended university in Los Angles, and then moved to Oakland after graduation to work for AmeriCorps. She just finished her yearlong term with The International Rescue Committee, which helps refugees transition into living in the [...]

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Georgia Hirsty: Women Who Kick Ass and Lead in the Bay Area

By Sally Morton Georgia Hirsty is an activist and the Warehouse Director for Greenpeace International based out of Oakland, California. I first heard her speak at the Commonwealth Club for a panel organized by ClimateOne titled “Fighting Fossils Fuels all the Way to Prison” with activist Tim DeChristopher. Georgia has worked as an activist in [...]

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Cristina Trujillo: Profiles of Women Who Have Done the WGLI Leadership Workshop

By Sally Morton Cristina is a first generation immigrant from Ecuador. She grew up in Los Angeles for the majority of her childhood, going through the L.A. Unified School District, which was very unfriendly with English learners. She worked very hard to support herself as a young, single mother so that she could break the [...]

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