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Join WGLI in Support of Women

The women we serve are ready and willing to invest in their future and in their communities.

Over sixty eight percent (68%) qualify for financial assistance and receive scholarships and discounts

When you make a donation to the Women’s Global Leadership Initiative you provide opportunities for women to create significant and sustainable change in their personal and professional lives. Our programs and communities of support help women gain clarity, direction, and the courage and support to address necessary change.

As a result they pursue higher education, set solid professional goals, and align their actions with important values that serve to build self-worth, strength, and confidence.

WGLI Women take it out into the world!

Give Through Your Workplace

Engage In Your Company in a Giving Back Campaign   Workplace giving is an easy and efficient way for you to make a tax-deductible donation to share in our efforts through your company. Ask your employer if they currently have a program in place. Share your passion and why it is important to support women’s leadership development and encourage them to start one today!

Make Your Gift Go Even Further! Your gift could be doubled by your company! Many organizations will match an employee’s charitable donations. Inquire with your employer and get it started.

Your Volunteer Hours Count! Today most companies recognize the value of contributing to local and global efforts that support women’s economic development. Making a donation to a non-profit where employees volunteer makes sense. Ask your company and get involved!

Contact Workplace Engagement at: joinus@wgli.org, or call us at 415-737-9454.

Leave a Legacy

Women around the world are in need of access to professional and personalized trainings to advance their own lives and the communities they reside. With the support from donors we are able to create a sustainable model which allows women access to these trainings and mentorships. Your tax-deductible gift today will ensure access to these trainings, tools and networks which will have a long-term impact on the lives of countless women.

  • Bequests Including WGLI in your will ensure will continue on. (a percentage, a specific dollar amount or a residue)
  • Life Income Gifts
  • Appreciated Assets (sales of stock, bonds and mutual funds..)
  • Retirement Assets
  • Life Insurance (give a percentage, give a paid-up policy, buy a new policy, buy insurance to replace a bequest, add a beneficiary)

For additional information or questions please contact Executive Director Diana Ruiz at  dianaruiz@wgli.org or call us 415-737-9454 (WGLI).