We love our volunteers! Every year, hundreds of women who are experts in their field volunteer their time to WGLI. Maybe you’ve been thinking about volunteering for a women’s organization, but haven’t found a match. Whether you’re a specialist in web design, social media, marketing, organizational efficiency, administrative management, nonprofits or fundraising (or in another field), we’d love to hear from you! You can volunteer for a specific project or contribute several hours a month on an ongoing basis.

Professional women volunteer their time as trainers, speakers, and WGLI Ambassadors. Driven by their convictions and personal struggles in the professional world, these women serve as powerful advocates for the advancement of women in leadership.
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Trainers and speakers share their industry‐related experience. They provide a hands‐on approach to learning and address the latest trends in their industries.
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WGLI Ambassadors provide access to women’s professional networks to help women with career advancement opportunities. Ambassadors also create important connections for sponsorship and partnership development opportunities in their local communities in order to build support for women’s leadership development and workforce development projects.


Mentorship is a unique feature of the WGLI Core Leadership Program, distinguishing our program. The one­-on­-one training engages and transforms participants.  Mentorship is a trusted partnership between a more experienced woman (mentor) and a woman who has just completed our Core Program (mentee). The original mentorship term is one year, with mentors and mentees matched for industry interest and compatibility. Both parties have an incredible, memorable experience. The mentee receives guidance and sharing of the real ­life experience of the mentor. The mentor has the satisfaction of influencing a less experienced woman in advancing her career.

Learn more: Mentorship Program FAQ [PDF]  |  Mentorship Application.


The cost of the Core Leadership Program, though reasonable and considerably lower than similar programs, can be tough for some participants to meet. Although the desire to participate is strong, personal financial limitations are an obstacle. Learn how you can help fund and sponsor a woman.


Deliver Programs in Your Local Community

WGLI provides Partners with WGLI Leadership Development Programs and Community Engagement Tools to educate and support women in their local communities.

Training modules can be tailored to one’s audience and include delivery strategies and experiential learning components to assure cultural sensitivity.

Community Engagement Tools: WGLI Speaker Series, and Civic Engagement Model: Run Forum (Rise Up Now) help partners engage professional women and build communities that support women leadership development.

Partners include women’s associations, colleges and universities, community and governmental agencies, and corporations. Our Regional Office provides updates on curriculum, social media tools, CRM, as well as a host of resources.

Contact WGLI at or call (415) 737-9454 (WGLI).