August 08 is a very special day, not because I was born today, well I wasn’t really born today. But because of the two national days –  National Dollar Day and National Happiness Happens Day. August 8th commemorates the day Congress established the U.S. monetary system in 1786 and thus it is National Dollar Day. Whereas National Happiness Happens Day was founded by the Secret Society of Happy People in 1999 as “Admit You’re Happy Day.” And created Happiness Happens Day to recognize and express happiness and chose August 8 to celebrate the anniversary of the first membership in 1998.

Why I think it is a very special day because these days, everyone is busy trying to make a few extra bucks, can be read as a few extra millions by some of you. But in this contest, they are forgetting something, and you are one of them. Are you forgetting to count your blessings every day, or you still stop to notice different shapes in the clouds which once used to give you the giggles? Or due to meetings, daily chores and responsibilities you are submerged in that you find pit stops wastes your time.

Well, you also know that cloud I talked above is just an example and it just resembles one of many things which are around you and which used to delight you once. Do you remember your childhood, when you never missed any chance to be happy, whether it is that single crayon, or the flock of the birds flying in the sky. And now every single day, you let go so many opportunities to be happy just in the wait of that “Direct Deposit message” or however these dollar bills are coming to you.

Recently, I stumble on a very beautiful quote on Goodreads from Maya Angelou, an American poet, memoirist, actress and an important figure in the American Civil Rights Movement. Maya says,” You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”

So, for a common person when all the days are spent for that dollar day in two weeks, why not you spend today as Happiness Happens Day. Why not you hold any moment of joy, or enjoy every moment of happiness TODAY. If anything can make you happy, then don’t ignore it BUT feel it and let it touch your heart, and give you the chuckles. If something can make you laugh, then laugh, don’t wait for that standup comedy show you are planning to watch tonight.

You don’t need a surprise diamond ring to be happy today, but if you get one YOU have all the reasons to be on top of the world. But for rest of you, the happiness could be the morning cup of coffee you get to enjoy with your partner before you head for a busy day, or could be a tight hug from your loved ones or friends, or even could be your clean and organized desk at work. Read this article by Kate Bratskeir for more tips on how can you be happier today.

Don’t wait for things to be perfect around you to be happy, find your happy moments in those small imperfections today, as Happiness Happens. Even Formula 1 knows the importance of pit stops. “The precisely timed, millimetre perfect choreography of a modern pit stop is vital to help teams to turn their race strategy into success.”

Instead of all these tips we talked above, if you get your happiness by spending dollars today or by saving some then too go for it, because then you are celebrating both the days today #NationalDollarDay #HappinessHappensDay. And if you really got a diamond ring today or this blog has made day one shade brighter, then let me know, and share it with others to let them know YOU care.