By Shruti Jindal

Well you might find this question little odd, but have you ever tried to ask “How can I help myself?” Yeah it is little different, usually we ask how can I help you, or help me to help yourself etc. But why I cannot help myself? I should do it, no one knows us better than ourselves, even if you say “Ah, he/she knows me more than I know myself” but NO, we know ourselves the best.

So, when it comes to help others, whom we don’t know as better as we know us, we always jump to help, give suggestions, talk with them, hear them out. Then why don’t we do it with ourselves. Basically, it should be done, right?

Let’s say you are feeling tired, or over-loaded with work, or overwhelmed with responsibilities, or sad or happy, or any other feeling in the entire world, why do you need someone to first hear you out, and then suggest some options, why should you wait for meeting someone? Well if you have someone right in front and by talking with that person can give you some peace, by all means talk it out, but do not just suffer and wait for someone to talk with.

So, now the question comes, if you will not wait to talk with someone, what can YOU do? Well, you can do a lot. Hear yourself out, yes, get a quiet corner for yourself and stay unbiased and hear yourself out. This is the most important part. You hear everyone’s’ problem but this time try to hear yourself. And then give yourself some time to think about the problem, as naturally you might be doing for any of your friends or family members, and then analyze your situation. Well it is not a miracle, and am not a Guru or someone, but by doing so, first you will feel better, that you heard yourself, and secondly you will get a solution to the problem. A fair solution, with no hidden interests, the only interest is “How can I help myself?”