Contact: Women’s Global Leadership Initiative

Women’s Global Leadership Initiative (WGLI) launched their university program at Mills College in Oakland, California on Friday, April 20. The one-day program engages women from local colleges and trade schools and arms them with training and inspiration to become strong leaders. The event features keynote speakers and leadership development training to encourage women to commit to investing in their future by defining a clear direction and building a community of support.

Keynote speakers included Danielle DeRuiter Williams, CEO of the Justice Collective and Community Development Specialist with the City and County of San Francisco, and Cristina Trujillo, Director of Corporate Sponsorships at LatinaVIDA and Founder at Reigniting Empowered Expressiveness & Motivation. The leadership program focuses on women as leaders, the value of personal history and how to leverage to impact the future, identifying vision and mission, and how to market yourself using self-branding. The event was attended by ninety women.

Women’s Global Leadership Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to unlocking the leadership potential of women who want to make a difference.