Women’s Global Leadership Initiative will conduct a two-day leadership training workshop on November 6 and 7 at Empire College. The Workshop Series is a values based training program designed to improve self-esteem and enhance skills, sense of purpose and vision related to leadership in the personal, professional and community realms.

WGLI’s Leadership Seminar Series is intended for all women from all backgrounds, from all levels of education, professions and life experiences. The cross section of participants will create a network of diverse wisdom and experience. A primary objective for WGLI’s workshops is to address the impact of indirect aggression among women and develop new pathways that promote healthy methods of communicating when women are in conflict.

In Session I participants will discover and enhance their personal gifts by exploring their own history and then reviewing ways to offer their unique gifts to the community. Lessons in Emotional Intelligence help participants communicate and identify methods to deal with obstacles. Mentors with professional expertise in many areas are available to support participants in their development.

Diana Ruiz, WGLI founder, president and community activist conducted the Part I & II of the workshop series over the last two years in Croatia with impressive results. WGLI is growing rapidly and also has lecture series and SRJC and SSU. Applications are limited so inquire immediately to secure your spot!

To sign up for the Sonoma County seminar or for more information about scholarships, discounts for students and non-profits call or email Kathie Klien at  707-544-5629 or kathieklien3@aol.com.