Press Release for Free Lecture Wednesday Oct 24th 7:00—9:00 PM

at Coffee Katz in Sebastopol

761 Sebastopol Avenue   Sebastopol, CA 95472

Building A Strong Community of Women: How to Transform Relationships Among Women

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunts, Friends, Colleagues– who do you need to reach out to?   Everyone can use a little help communicating in a way others can hear and respond to with respect and love.  This presentation will address important communication issues to help you strengthen and build community with the women in your life, so we can treat each other with the kindness and honesty that we all deserve.

Diana Ruiz, Founder of the Women’s Global Leadership Initiative, will facilitate a dialogue to discover healthier ways to address conflict. Topics will include Recognizing & Transforming Indirect Aggression.  Women are culturally & socially conditioned to be nice and to avoid direct conflict. In the workplace, we can be harmful to one another, using negative mechanisms like gossip, shunning, and sabotage that prevent us form helping each other succeed.

Everyone, male and female, benefits when women learn healthy ways to address conflict in our personal and professional lives. We can begin to establish positive new behaviors and learn to remain mindful of the shared potential for the highest good in one another!

For more information on this free community event call 707-481-4968 or email