At WGLI, we believe that by educating and training women around the globe to become successful leaders, we can help create and shape the next generation of female leaders. We created the BOLD Speaker Series as an effort to bring community engagement programs to WGLI partners around the world. Our goal is to help partners create opportunities in their local communities – to support aspiring women as they learn, step up, and take charge of their lives and careers. Participating WGLI partners benefit by tapping into our extensive network of female leaders to recruit as speakers, trainers and sponsors.

BOLD Speaker Series Guidebook

The BOLD Speaker Series is a community engagement model that empowers our partners to host their own event or program and unlock the infinite potential of women globally. Leveraging our brand endorsement and strategic event framework, which is outlined in this guidebook, WGLI partners can design and implement a BOLD Speaker Series program with convenience and ease. The BOLD Speaker Series Guidebook is a step-by-step plan for organizing events in your community. Key elements include: program themes, assembling your team, implementation plans and running your event, marketing guidelines and helpful tips along the way.

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  1. Gain access to WGLI’s network of trusted advisors, leveraging their expertise to advance women into leadership positions
  2. Increase awareness for your organization by leveraging WGLI’s brand and existing programs
  3. Leverage WGLI’s endorsement to promote your event on social media channels
  4. Attract talented women who want continued education and career development support
  5. Receive WGLI’s BOLD Speaker Series Guidebook to learn how to plan and execute your speaker event

WGLI will work with you to bring leadership development programs to women in your community. Let’s make your vision come true! Simply sign up for WGLI organization membership and apply to host a BOLD Speaker Series event. New applicants will also get access to our Speaker Series Guidebook!

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