SAN FRANCISCO – December 9, 2017 – Women’s Global Leadership Initiative (WGLI), today, announced their participation and support in the 2017 Regional Economic Forecast & Innovation Expo, a one-day event focused on setting the economic stage for Washington State’s Pacific Mountain 5-county region in the coming year. The expo occurred Thursday, December 7th at the Little Creek Casino in Shelton, WA.

The Regional Economic Forecast & Innovation Expo brought together more than 400 regional decision makers, economic experts, community and business leaders from a wide range of industry sectors, such as tourism, higher education, community banking and entertainment. This is the ninth consecutive year for the growing conference and among the highlights, included access to high-profile networking, exclusive briefing on the 2017 Economic Vitality Index, and an annual review of the region’s economic performance over the past year. Keynote speakers included Olowo-n’djo Tchala, Founder & CEO of Alaffia and Dr. Bill Conerly of Conerly Consulting LLC.

Mica Zuniga, WGLI Board Director and Vice President at Xenon Arc, was among the high-profile speakers with a presentation titled, “Global Innovation & Its Impact Upon a Local Economy”. Zuniga, a celebrated executive within the business community has received praise for her many leadership roles in business development and sales and marketing in the chemical industry. Consistently recognized for her contribution to the success of her clients and those she leads, Zuniga is a graduate of the University of Washington, with a degree in English Literature. She is a passionate advocate for elevating women in leadership and serves a crucial role and member within the WGLI community.

“I am thrilled to bring my leadership experience, higher education and advanced skills in the chemical industry to the Regional Economic Forecast & Innovation Expo because it is the cornerstone and backbone to this region’s economy,” said Mica Zuniga, WGLI Board Director and Vice President at Xenon Arc. “Innovation is important to staying relevant in today’s rapidly changing market. Finding ways to build practicing innovation into day-to-day activities is critical to maintaining an edge.”

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