Women’s Global Leadership Initiative launches the Lecture Series at SSU. On October 12th, 2010 At 12:00 noon, a lecture on Community Capacity Building will be presented by Serene Cooper a long time activist who helped establish the Petaluma Youth Council among  many projects she enthusiastically moves forward. Her talent for bringing people together around important issues has proven to facilitate change.

The WGLI Lecture Series spans over seven months and addresses important areas of women’s leadership development. WGLI’s goals on and off campus is to promote and encourage women from all realms of society to participate and contribute their personal gifts—their vision for a better tomorrow for their communities and families; to provide mentors from women’s professional networks, and to serve as the catalyst to provide support and education for all women seeking to improve their lives—in whatever capacity serves them best.

WGLI’s Leadership Development Workshop, Session I begins on November 6 & 7, 2010. For information and applications please inquire with Kathie Klein at 707-544-5629 or kathieklien3@aol.com

For calendar of lectures please email: Dianaruiz@wgli.org