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Mackenzie is a Virginia Tech grad with a B.A. in Professional and Technical Writing. As a full-time copywriter at Capital One, Mackenzie gets her daily fix of writing but continues to tack on more typing to her days by working as a part-time freelancer as well. Want to know more? Check out wickedcontent.co for her portfolio and additional info.

Launch of WGLI’s University Program

Email: info@WGLI.org Contact: Women’s Global Leadership Initiative Women’s Global Leadership Initiative (WGLI) launched their university program at Mills College in Oakland, California on Friday, April 20. The one-day program engages women from local colleges and trade schools and arms them with training and inspiration to become strong leaders. The event features keynote speakers and leadership development [...]

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Successes and Challenges in Developing Countries

More and more women in developing markets and lower-income countries are driven to start their own enterprise. From restaurants, to high-end nail salons to volunteer organizations helping other girls and women, women leaders around the world are creating businesses and organizations that not only impact their own lives, but also the countries they pursue their [...]

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