By Veatrice Carabine

Whether you believe leaders are born or made, there is no denying that mothers play an important role in shaping our development. As children, we witness their response to adversity, to challenge, or to success, and we learn from these experiences.

To pay tribute to mothers this Mother’s Day, the staff here at WGLI would like to share some of the leadership lessons we’ve learned from our mothers — because, after all, true leadership begins at home.

Appreciate Diversity
My mother always stepped away from any group whose conversation centered on gossip or discrimination in any way. She told us that these behaviors did not expand the mind or the heart and at the end of the day beauty was found in the frailty and vulnerability of the human spirit. Today when someone criticizes what society deems weird, my children and granddaughter say, “We like different!”
~ Diana Ruiz, CEO/Founder

Have Courage to Make Hard Decisions
Long before the term “single mom” became common, my mother, then in her 50s, decided she deserved more out of life for herself and her children. Thank you, Mother, for being so brave.
~ Barbra Breslauer, Social Media Specialist

Ask for Help
My mother is a powerhouse of a woman who technically was a single parent, but who enrolled family, close friends, and neighbors in raising me to be fun-loving, strong, resilient, persistent and generous. She is resourceful, creative, loud, strategic, forgiving, addicted to learning and growing, and passionate about living life fully.
~ Melissa Alvarez Mangual, VP of Operations

Help Others to Rise
Since a young age I have witnessed my mother lead others with compassion and with the mindset to “do what is right” by others. An example I hold close to my heart is when my mother met a young woman in need and took in her and her family of five. She walked from to business to business with this young lady until she had found a job, then she helped secure living arrangements for the family and furnish their new home. She embraces all walks of life, supports so many people with her unconditional love, and she leads by example with her humanitarian ways. My mother fosters the ability to make people feel valued.
~ Brooke Erickson, Public Relations Coordinator

Demonstrate Confidence
As a child, I believed my mom knew everything. To me, she was smarter than any search engine and wiser than any book. It has never been the case that my mom had all the answers, but her unwavering confidence were enough to put my mind at ease. She is the backbone of my family that keeps us all straight, tall and proud, and I am thankful I had the honor of being raised by such a woman.
~ Samantha Pavear, Social Media Specialist

Be Authentic
My mother taught me that leadership is about feeling comfortable in your own skin — the act of always striving to be your most real self, no matter the situation. For me that has meant finding the strength to acknowledge and embrace whatever I’m feeling at the moment — whether that’s stressed or strong-willed, funny or fastidious — and to encourage those around me to do the same. My mother taught by example to be yourself and no one else, flaws and all.
~ Michelle Heller, Director of Content and Creative

In what ways is your mother a leader? Share your mother-leader stories with us in the comments section below. And Happy Mother’s Day from WGLI.