Your Brain, Your Life

Women’s Global Leadership Initiative presents the first in a series of workshops that will focus on “The Neurobiology of Leadership”.  This initial workshop presents information on human perception of reality and how the mind and the brain influence our beliefs and interpretations of our external world.

The workshop will be facilitated by Linda Hartstrom (34 years with the California Department of Justice and current PhD candidate).  The workshop will explore how the brain perceives reality, and the many biological constraints which shape how we experience life and ultimately respond to it.

Participants will have a chance to learn why we do not see the world as it really is, but rather as we are, and learn tools to counter unproductive perceptions, to shape a pattern for a happier and healthier life.

Topics include:

        • Visual Perceptual Distortions
        • Visual Perceptual Blindness-Change Blindness
        • The Power of Context
        • Survivor Bias

Friday, June 29, 2012  9 a.m.-noon

University of San Francisco–Santa Rosa Campus)

416 B Street. Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Fee: $75 at the door, $65 in advance, with discounts for students and faculty ($54). Limited scholarships are available.

To learn more email or call 707-481-4968 or visit our web site